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Wine, oil and truffle tasting
Our territory is full of very good and genuine products such as extra virgin olive oil (our produce), Pecorino cheese, wines (Brunello, Orcia Rosso), salami and truffle, king of the kitchen, which is found in the surrounding woods; including the highly prized white truffle, in November.
We organize tastings that include all or part of these famous products, with the collaboration of an expert truffle hunter and a well-known wine producer.
The tastings (with various possibilities) can be held either in the ancient historic cellar of Villa La Consuma or in a truffle hut 1 km from the centre town near a small hunting lodge known as the Capannino del Tribbio, it is in fact not far from Casale Tribbio.
The tasting can represent either a rich aperitif or a light meal, in any case a pleasant way to be together and get to know one aspect of our territory: good food.

Dinners and cooking lessons

A very good and experienced cook, Grazia, will prepare excellent dinners for you to enjoy with your family and friends with a view of the spectacular beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Try the genuine Italian cooking lessons and you will learn how to prepare a true Italian dinner!


Experience the magical sensation of flying in a hot air balloon over our fantastic landscapes, let the world slide under you and float on Tuscany!

Flights depart most mornings between April and October, depending on availability and weather conditions.

Nick, the pilot offers the opportunity to see our landscape from above followed by a champagne breakfast on landing!

Truffle hunting with

Paolo and his dogs

If you like truffles, one of the excellence of our territory, try the experience of truffle hunting in the splendid setting of the Crete Senesi, with an expert guide and his dogs.

Paolo, an experienced truffle hunter will guide you in search of truffles in a protected area and will inform you of the uniqueness of the territory and the variety of truffles that differ according to the seasons. Together with him his inseparable "hunting" companions: the dogs Toppa, Pippo and Milli all belonging to the Lagotto Romagnolo breed, very sweet and happy dogs.

These truffle dogs are trained and tested and represent the indispensable means of finding the precious underground tuber.

A beautiful day in unspoiled nature which can be followed by a tasting not only of truffles but also of other local products.

Nature Train

The Nature Train takes you back in time to a bygone era. Getting on board a centoporte carriage of a steam locomotive is certainly not an every day occurrence. An extraordinary journey that will take you to discover the area, through beautiful countryside and historic villages.

The trip aboard the famous Train is always combined with a special event; village festivals such as the Marzuolo Truffle Festival and the White Truffle Market Show in San Giovanni d'Asso or, with the possibility of excursions to reach the places hosting the events. With the Nature Train you can discover villages and castles, stop in farms for excellent tastings and participate in events and parties with the typical Tuscan warmth.

A unique experience in the heart of the Terre di Siena.

Painting lessons

A talented and expert English painter, Elizabeth, who has now become Tuscan by adoption, offers painting lessons (oil and watercolor), even for beginners; with all the necessary materials, in our homes. You will be amazed by what you can achieve, which will also be a wonderful memory.

Bike tour

The territory of Siena offers wonderful cycling routes for cycle tourism and cycle excursions, thanks to an uncontaminated environment and a landscape that is the result of harmony between man and nature, suitable for all needs and abilities: from mountain bike trails to numerous white roads , to the asphalt paths for racing bikes along roads with views of poignant beauty. The Strade Bianche is a road cycling race that takes place every March in the province of Siena. L'Eroica, another race, has the particularity of recalling the cycling of the past, with routes that take place largely on dirt roads using vintage bicycles and clothing. It is always held on the first Sunday of October and the route draws an eight that squeezes near Siena, and widens in the Crete Senesi to the south, also passing through San Giovanni d'Asso.

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